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In our The Invisible Man slot review, it is a game by Netent that has no less than three special and exciting bonus games. In this final review you can read all about its game. 

The finale The Invisible Man (from 2014) is inspired by the horror novel of the same name from 1897 and the horror film that was made of it in 1933.

The invisible man is a chemistry student, Jack Griffin, who manages to make himself invisible after countless failed experiments. He just can’t do it to undo that process. Eventually, he is forced to earn his living as an invisible criminal.

Not a happy story. We wonder why the slot machine makers of Netent have chosen this dark theme for their slot. Or would they have known in 2014 that a remake is coming in 2018, starring Johnny Depp?. 

The Invisible Man Slot Review

The Slot The Invisible Man has 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines that you always play. The minimum bet is $0.20 per spin and the maximum bet is $100 per spin.

1. How Does The Invisible Man Work?

The symbols of the slot consist of the eternal slot symbols A, K, Q, J and 10, supplemented by the protagonists from the horror film.

Those two symbols have something special: they are ‘walking wilds’. Indeed, running jokers. You may know this principle from the well-known online slot jack and the beanstalk.

The symbol Jack Griffin is such a walking wild and only appears on reel 5. Jack is good for re-spins, with the joker sliding each spin one step to the left. 

The police officer is also a walking wild and only appears on roll 1. This also gives 5 re-spins, where the agent takes each spin one step to the right.

Exciting and cool to see: you can spin both Jack Graffin and the agent in one spin. If these two symbols collide with each other while walking on the reels, you win 10 free spins.

2. The Bonus Game

If during these 10 free spins the police and Jack Griffin collide again, you win 4 extra free spins. In addition, the bonus party on this slot machine does not end there. Because: you can win two extra bonus games during the free spins.

If you play Jack Griffin 8 times or more during the free spins, the extra bonus game The Griffin Rage Bonus Game starts after the free spins.

If you play the police officer 8 times or more during the free spins, you will earn the extra bonus game The Police Spins Bonus Game.

Yes, it’s all something!

Griffin Rage Bonus Game

You will see a beautiful animation of three snowy buildings from the movie The Invisible Man. In each of these houses, cash prizes and multipliers are hidden. It’s up to you to find these cash prizes and multipliers.

You visit the three buildings one by one and click on the five objects and characters that are present per location.

If you are lucky, you will find a sum of money or a multiplier. If you are unlucky, you will find a police cap and your game will be over at that location. 

Moreover, if you have visited all three locations, the amounts of money are added up and multiplied by all the multipliers you have managed to score. The maximum multiplier is x4. We have not often seen a nicer animated bonus game.

Police Spins Bonus Game

You get 3 free spins. And what a spin. During each spin, no less than five jokers appear on your screen. This is a great bonus that can earn you (a lot of) money.

At the end of our The Invisible Man slot review , we had to get used to playing that slot. 

The base game is gloomy and there is little to gain, even though you get a walking wild every now and then with 5 free re-spins. If you are unlucky, you can spin boring spins for a while.

However, the bonus games make The Invisible Man a very exciting and original slot machine, with a chance of very hefty prizes.

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