Mon. May 23rd, 2022

The 35,000 projects range across four broad areas: Infrastructure, Defence, Information Technology and the Environment. Defence initiatives include upgrading equipment, facilities and weaponry; improvements to staff healthcare and remuneration and security infrastructure PMP certification . IT projects cover implementing the recommendations of the Gershon review of IT in Government and the National Broadband Network rollout. An important and significant environmental project is the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

On 25 May in Question Time, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced funding for 35,000 projects as part of the budget or economic stimulus packages. While this seems good on the surface, there is evidence that there simply aren’t enough project managers available to deliver the outcomes so desperately needed by the community.

Given that many of these projects are tied up in the Government’s solution to the Global Financial Crisis and preparing the country for recovery – the projects will be high profile and there will be enormous expectations of success from the Government, the media and the general population. The opposition and other critics may question the reasoning or motives behind this massive spending commitment.

Since the Gershon Review, Government agencies are on a mission to rid themselves of their reliance on contractors – with many actively pursuing the 50% target, yet with very few agencies finding permanent staff to replace them. According to a recent AIPM study, Australian Government and Defence project managers are some of the lowest paid in the Country. Their salary is almost $17,000 below market average. Given this, how does the Government expect to attract project managers to its cause.

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