Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

When I started collecting dolls, it had nothing to do with their value, or what was popular at the time. It had to do with what I liked at the time, what the dolls looked like, and how I connected with them ラブドール . Since the beginnings of my doll collecting, I have started looking for different things in the dolls I wanted to purchase.

My first qualification was what the doll looked like. I know that sounds shallow, but you have to like what the doll looks like, and if you want to display it. It doesn’t matter is it is a life-size doll, or a small 5′ doll that you will display on the shelf, you have to like what you are looking at. You need to decide the styles you like, and where you want to display them.

Well, that decision was more difficult that I had imagined. I liked that cuteness of the small display dolls, as well as the life like personality of the larger dolls that were 36″ to 40″ toddler dolls. How do you decide where to begin? Well I chose a little of both. I had no idea at that time what my style was; it was all new to me, so I just bought what I wanted. Since then I have learned to discipline myself and purchase in smaller quantities, and to ask for more expensive collectibles for my birthday or for Christmas. You eventually run out of room if you buy everything at one time.

I depends on what phase you are in your life. If you are buying for your daughter or granddaughter, you may be drawn to the Madame Alexander Huggums dolls. This is the beginner doll for your little one to start to love. If you are buying for yourself, then the search is endless. It depends if you are looking for a realistic toddler doll, or a newborn reborn doll, or a small collectible doll that is just adorable for your shelf. You can collect them all, but it can be quite expensive. Start with a certain style, and then expand from there.

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