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The most memorable scenario paintball games are ones you become totally immersed in; this is only possible with the most realistic guns and gear. When you’re totally decked out in camouflage and use authentic military replica paintball markers, it’s easy to become lost in the game, forgetting your normal life and only focusing on the intensity of the mission. The most realistic tactical paintball guns are a big part of being able to take a complete mental vacation whenever you play woodsball. Take your time shopping, reading reviews and studying what’s out there however to make sure you get the best marker that’s not only completely lifelike in every manner but performs well too. Remember, scenario paintball is often played on a course with few boundaries; your tactical marker must also be sturdy for outdoor play, reliable and accurate at long ranges.

When shopping for a realistic military replica paintball gun, it’s important to know the difference between tactical paintball guns and actual replicas. Most 7.62×39 hunting ammo tactical markers can be considered military type rifles as there are many paintball sniper rifles, different styles of assault rifles and realistic sub machine guns available for purchase and totally fun to play with. If you’re going to split straws however, the term replica refers more to an exact copy of something. Considering this, there are very specific markers that fit into this class of guns. With the exception of certain hand made markers that have been detailed by certain few craftsmen in the industry, the most authentic military replica paintball guns for sale are found in several types; AK47’s, M4 and M16 tactical markers. The majority of these guns are very close to the real thing, readily available and mostly offered at affordable prices.

The best military replica paintball guns have certain characteristics that make them much more realistic, and therefore more fun to play with if you’re participating in lifelike scenario games. Even if you’re not looking for an AK47, carbine or M16 variation, you can still have a great time playing scenario paintball with any other tactical marker. The same features that make military replica markers more realistic also give other tactical paintball guns more pizzazz and realism as well. Nowadays, the most realistic woodsball markers are magazine fed. Regardless of how authentic looking your tactical marker is, when you add the clunky, cumbersome traditional hopper to the top of the gun it always detracts from its appearance. Military replica paintball guns that are fed their ammo by a functional magazine rather than a top heavy hopper are not only better balanced and easier to shoot but look nearly identical to a real firearm. If you want one of the most realistic replica markers, choose a magazine fed gun.

Another feature to look for in the best military replica paintball guns is an air through stock. Another large factor that greatly detracts from the realism of a tactical paintball marker is the air tank. Standard placement of these necessary accessories are at the base of the gun grip, protruding backward. The most realistic military replica paintball guns have their air connection routed through the posterior of the receiver, exiting into the butt stock. Most of these guns feature smaller air tanks that fit discreetly inside a specialized stock to completely conceal the tank from view. When you look at a realistic military style marker with a 20 oz. CO2 tank attached to it, there’s no mistaking you’re looking at a paintball gun. However when the air tank is hidden inside the butt stock, the gun looks nearly identical to the real thing. The only problem with this set-up is the smaller sized air tank offering you a more limited amount of shots as compared with the standard larger size tanks.

A military replica paintball gun that’s magazine fed/hopper free and has an air-through stock so its air tank is self-contained within the stock is the crème de la crème of realism. From a short distance, these tactical paintball guns are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. In fact, even up close it will take a detailed inspection to determine the gun is a replica toy and not a real rifle. If you’re looking to spice up your game with the most lifelike scenario paintball gear possible, military replica paintball guns are mandatory. Realize however if your marker is nearly identical to a real firearm, you will not be able to simply carry it around the neighborhood without causing a stir. If a police officer sees you carrying a realistic military replica marker out in the open, you can expect to get in trouble and maybe even confiscated. These guns must be carried in a professional gun case or marker bag just like you would carry a rifle to the gun range.

AK47, M4 carbines and M16 military replica paintball guns are well worth the money if you choose the right brand. If you already have a basic model marker and would like to upgrade to something more authentic, you can save money by purchasing a parts kit. As there are many AK, M4 and M16 paintball guns you can buy, there are as many upgrade kits available to build your own. This is often a cheaper way to go and many players enjoy the fun of personally building their own custom creation. When shopping for the best performing replica tactical paintball gun, look for one with a base marker from a solid brand name. Most popular brand name paintball guns offer tactical versions and are the safest bets to go with as far as reliability is concerned. Brand name companies also offer the best service and warranties in case something happens on the field and your baby needs care.

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