Mon. May 23rd, 2022

You may have noticed the local listings on Google when you do a search for a particular type of business in a particular city. For example, if you type in “pizza shop Greenville” or “shoe store New York” you receive a listing of what Google considers the top ten business those categories. Pretty neat.

Even neater is that these listings are at the top of page one, displayed before any of the organic search results. If you understand howBuy Google Reviews important being at the top of page one on Google can be for a business, your palms may already be getting sweaty. That is prime real estate, the “million-dollar-view” in the search engine results.

Even with all this potential, lots of business owners haven’t taken advantage of this great, free chance to be listed here by Google. The steps below show you how to get your business in the game. And while simply creating or claiming your business’s local listing isn’t a guarantee Google will put you in the top ten, it’s well worth your time to create a local business listing for your company.

Step 1) If you don’t have an account with Google already, go to their homepage and create one by clicking the login button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. After signing up and verifying your account you’re ready to move on.

Step 2) Check to see if you already have a Google local business listing by going to Google Maps (maps.Google) and typing the address of your business. If the name of your business appears below the address you typed in, Google has beaten you to it by automatically creating a local business listing for your business. More often than not, if your company has been around for any length of time, Google will have already created a local business listing for you from information it’s gathered about your company from other sources like YellowPage listings, etc. Believe me, if you exist in any significant form, “Big Brother” Google knows.

If your listing’s already there, go ahead and claim your local business listing by clicking on the business name under the results for your address. In the info bubble that appears over the map, click on the button to edit the listing. It will ask if you are the business owner. Answer in the affirmative and complete the steps Google provides for claiming your business. Now with your stake claimed, you’re ready to jump right in to creating the listing in Step 3.

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