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Panasonic has its newest line of massage chairs. The Real Pro Ultra series incorporates some of Panasonic’s newest technologies in massage therapy. The subject of this review is the EP-30004 shiatsu massage recliner. This model is a high end luxury massage chair model. We will take a look at some of the new features and warranty coverage for this shiatsu massage recliner.

Panasonic is a household name in electronics, so you do not have to be concerned about having your warranty honored down the road. We like to caution potential massage recliner buyers to also go with a reputable brand. There are many small importers that offer cheap massage loungers with great warranties that are never honored down the road. With that said, Panasonic will be there down the road.

What type of warranty coverage is provided with the EP 30004? You get 3 years parts coverage and 1 year labor coverage. Panasonic now provides 출장마사지 in-home technician service with the Real Pro Ultra series and covers that for 1 year. They also cover shipping expenses during the first year. We like the 1 year in home technician service which is great coverage. We see the labor of 1 year is fairly short compared to other manufacturers. If possible, try to get an extended warranty to get greater coverage. This is especially important on big ticket items like massage chairs with many moving parts.

There are some outstanding new features incorporated into the Real Pro Ultra massage chair series. The EP 30004 has both a lower body stretch and a shoulder stretch. There is also a new massage technique called Junetsu. The Junetsu massage technique literally means ultra fine kneading in Japanese. The Junetsu massage technique uses small circular motions and a one second of thumb-like firm pressure. The effect of this massage is to reverberate through the muscle and penetrating to the surface of the bone.

The EP-30004 comes with an arsenal of massage therapies for your enjoyment. There are four pre-programs which are shiatsu, deep, Swedish and stretch. There is also a 5 minute Quick pre-program for which covers a variety of massage techniques and functions. You can use the some massages in manual massage mode for a total 8 possible manual massages. These include ultra knead (Junetsu), shiatsu, kneading, Swedish, stretch, tapping, rolling and grip. There are also 5 ways to target certain regions of your back including: neck, shoulder, middle, lower and full back.

You can also create self-programs to target specific regions with particular massage techniques. These are fairly simple to create. For example, you can select the lower back and a deep tissue massage. You then select the time duration and the massage intensity that you desire. You can also save these programs. It will save programs for up to 4 different users. There is also a voice guidance system for those less inclined to read through the user manual to figure these things out.

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